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Additional benefits of the Pegano diet

In the Pegano diet, the main emphasis is on eating a lot of vegetables and fruits. And such a predominantly plant-based diet, in addition to the main goal of getting rid of psoriasis, has many other positive results. Let’s consider the main ones.

Regular bowel movements will improve

Since fruits and vegetables are rich in fiber, they have a natural laxative effect. Thanks to this, they allow the intestines to empty on time. And timely emptying on time relieves the intestines of toxins – after the recommended 1-1.5 days.

If food passes through the gastrointestinal tract for more than 1.5 days (36 hours), the load on the intestines increases. And this can lead to his various diseases.

Therefore, regular and abundant consumption of vegetables and fruits without additional funds will establish regular bowel movements and relieve the intestines from the accumulation of toxins.

The microflora will improve and the absorption of food will improve

The intestine performs the most important functions in the body: it assimilates nutrients from food, and also synthesizes some hormones and vitamins important for the body. Therefore, a healthy gut is essential for the health of the body as a whole. And a plant-based diet ensures intestinal health: it supports a healthy intestinal microflora and inhibits pathogenic ones.

Immunity will increase

The intestine is largely responsible for the state of immunity. It is the gut that plays a key role in immune responses and regulation of inflammation. So, this organ contains 70% of human immunomodulatory cells. Therefore, improving the intestines will increase the body’s resistance to infections.

You will get more vitamins and minerals

Thanks to a balanced and complete Pegano diet, you will receive a complex of vitamins and minerals necessary for the health and normal functioning of individual organs and the whole body as a whole.

Excess weight will go away

An added bonus for people on the Pegano diet is weight loss. This is because the recommended food is lower in calories than the normal human diet. And since many psoriasis sufferers are overweight, this is very good news for them both from an aesthetic point of view and from a medical point of view. After all, it has been proven that weight loss has a positive effect on the effectiveness of psoriasis treatment, and also reduces the severity of psoriasis.

Reduce the risk of developing osteoporosis

The body’s natural state is alkaline. At the same time, the usual diet of most people increases the acidity. To neutralize this acidity, the body takes calcium from the bones. If this process continues for decades, a person will be forced to face osteoporosis.

Plant food, on the other hand, forms a healthy alkaline environment in the body. As a result, calcium remains in the bones and this cause of osteoporosis does not occur.

The risk of contracting the terrible diseases of our time will decrease

Eating a predominantly plant-based diet will significantly reduce the risk of cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease, heart attack or stroke.

Let knowing these additional benefits of the Pegano diet help you appreciate the importance and inspire you to follow it!

Pegano’s general advice and observations on diet and regimen

Spiritually we are what we think about, and physically we are what we eat. And this is especially true in the case of psoriasis. Fortunately, we humans are able to control our thoughts and our affairs.

John Pegano

Strictly follow your diet for the first months!

Pegano does not recommend breaking the diet in the first months of treatment until all rashes have disappeared. Then you can try to return some foods to the diet. If at the same time there is an exacerbation of psoriasis, it is worth returning to a strict diet and adhering to it for a longer time.

Avoid allergic reactions

Some people may have an individual intolerance to approved products. For example, some people have a reaction to dairy products, citrus fruits, wheat products (gluten), or even more specific: to apples, kiwi, etc. That is, although the product is on the list of approved Peganos, you have an allergic reaction. Avoid eating these foods.

Don’t overeat

To be successful, it is important not to overeat. The fact that a product is allowed does not mean that you can overeat. Balance is important in everything.

About eating out

Even if sometimes you prefer not to eat at home – in restaurants or cafes, you can always choose those dishes that will suit your diet. For example, don’t go fried or spicy. Always order a large serving of green lettuce. If you also order fish, lean poultry or lamb, trim the fat on the meat and remove the skin from the poultry. For dessert, opt for a fruit salad.

The Pegano diet may seem daunting at first. But it is difficult only from a psychological point of view. Therefore, if you are determined that this will lead you to recovery, diet will not be so difficult for you. For the body, this is a great gift! And in gratitude for this, he will make you happy with clean skin and excellent health! Isn’t this the most important thing?


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