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Eyebrow makeup step by step.

Spectacular makeup gives expressiveness to the face, emphasizing the dignity. Modeling and highlighting accentuates the eyes. To create a harmonious look, it is worth knowing how to make your eyebrow makeup natural.

Where to start eyebrow makeup.

First you need to choose a shade that matches your hair color. Eyebrows should be no more than one shade darker than them. Also pay attention to your skin tone.

Then comb through the hairs with a small eyebrow brush. This will allow you to see the true state of affairs and determine which areas need correction. You can correct the shape yourself at home with tweezers, thread or wax.

Choosing the right shape.

The shape of the eyebrows should correspond to the oval of the face. The ideal brow begins at the base of the bridge of the nose, in a straight line from the nostril to the browbone.

After all the preparatory measures, it is necessary to choose the optimal staining method.

Pencil application.

It is quite easy to apply eyebrow makeup with it. It does not crumble, it keeps well during the day. Step by step application guide:

  • we form general outlines with light lines;
  • without going beyond the contour, we make short strokes from the middle of the eyebrow to its edges to emphasize the bend;
  • comb the hairs with a special brush in the direction of growth. This blends the tone a little, giving a natural look.

Using shadows.

A similar technique for dyeing eyebrows is available, it allows you to create various shades, does not require special skills. You just need to follow a certain sequence of actions:

  • outline the contours, forming a beautiful shape;
  • Apply shadow to hair with light strokes using a beveled brush. In the region of the bridge of the nose, they should be lighter than in the middle and ends;
  • blend the shadows with a brush or brush.

Permanent makeup.

Eyebrow tattooing allows you to forget about coloring for a long time, which significantly saves time and effort. The disadvantages of the procedure are the need to consult a specialist.

As a result, the relatively expensive price of the procedure and some unnaturalness with the continuous application of the dye, but the result will be much better if it is a hair technique with a detailed drawing of each hair.

To get an acceptable result when coloring your eyebrows, it is important:

  • carefully approach the choice of a cosmetic product or a master;
  • find a suitable shape for yourself.


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