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How to choose eye makeup brushes?

Eye makeup brushes.

It takes a palette of paints and good brushes to create a painting. A make-up artist is an artist who creates a masterpiece on his face. So the same rules apply for him as for a master.

It is necessary to have the right tools in sufficient quantity. To improve your skills, you need to figure out how to choose them correctly and how to use them correctly, which is what we will do now.

How to choose?

Correctly selected eye makeup brushes allow you to quickly and accurately make-up. They are very easy to use, easy to clean and durable. Today in stores you can find tools made from natural and synthetic materials.

Makeup artists advise using natural bristle brushes, as they are more durable, hypoallergenic and allow you to apply makeup more efficiently. There are exceptions to the rule though. For liquid cosmetics, it is advisable to use synthetic materials. When choosing an eye brush, you need to pay attention to:

  • the stiffness of the pile. The skin of the face is very delicate. Often, artificial bristles are rough and injure the dermis. In addition, these tools leave furrows in the eyeshadow and lipstick.
  • a handle that should fit snugly against the brush. Otherwise, the tool will not last long. Even a slight backlash is the reason for the fragility.
  • good brush density. An understuffed tool will unevenly apply the shadow to the eyelids.
  • In addition, price is an additional criterion for purchasing.

Types of eye brushes.

High-quality makeup involves the application of cosmetics in several stages. Each of them has its own set of brushes. They are usually kept in a large roll with compartments that resemble a hunter’s inventory.

The brushes for the eyes are quite varied. Every woman should have several of them at once. Usually flat brushes are used at the base, thin with hairs of different lengths or wide with a domed top.

The eyebrow and eye area needs special attention, which is why it requires the most different tools. The minimum set is five brushes:

  • small flat – for drawing a moving eyelid;
  • a larger canonical form – for shading and smooth translations;
  • oval with a sloping tail – for creating arrows or drawing eyebrows;
  • pencil-like – for drawing the lash line or applying shadow to the lower eyelid;
  • large oval – for drawing the crease of the eyelid and shading.

In addition, it is advisable to have a large and soft eyebrow brush. Owners of thin eyebrows usually use a special brush with a sharp tip, like a sharpened pencil. Thicker eyebrows need a special brush.

The tool looks like a comb, it is convenient to give them a neat shape. Use these eye brushes for a quality makeup look.

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