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Legendary, fabulous smoky eyes – latest trends. Some cool tips that make you a queen.

One of the most relevant makeup options this season is smoky eyes. Today we will focus on the features of the colors and textures of this makeup. Smoky eyes are great for special occasions, so you can choose it for your evening New Year’s makeup.

How to make smokey ice makeup – step by step instructions.

Smokey ice is still at the peak of its popularity. This make-up technique is used by beauties of completely different ages and appearance. And all because Smokey Ice makeup is incredibly versatile and perfect for creating an everyday, office, evening, festive and romantic look.

Makeup is a great way to hide imperfections in your face and highlight its merits. In addition, the make-up cheers up many girls and makes them feel more confident. Sometimes it becomes a hobby or even a standard daily activity. At the same time, the daily scheme for applying cosmetics is very different from the holiday options.

If for work and study girls, as a rule, use only tone, give a little color to the eyelashes and add blush, then solemn events require a more careful development of the image. One of the most effective eye decoration techniques is smokey ice. About him and will be discussed in this material.

What is smokey ice makeup.

“Smoky”. This is quite justified: the strokes carried out over the eyelid are very reminiscent of a beautiful thick haze. However, the creators of this type of make-up were definitely not inspired by natural phenomena. One of the first women to use eyeliner was the Egyptian queen Cleopatra. She drew neat black arrows and painted over the lash line.

Such a technique gave expressiveness and mystery to the look, and the whole image was filled with some special charm. At that time, all women were fascinated by the appearance of the queen, and therefore they tried to repeat the popular make-up.

Several centuries later, the actresses who played in films about Ancient Egypt reintroduced the fashion for eyelids. Experimenting with a pencil, make-up artists tried to shade the lines. The result is an interesting effect that makes the look a little gothic and very sexy.

This is how the popular smoky eyes appeared. They help create a vamp lady look and are also a great addition to luxurious party dresses.

How to paint smokey ice: the necessary tools.

To perform makeup using the smoky technique, you will need:

  • cosmetics for a complete face design:
  • tonal base,
  • lipstick,
  • powder;
  • tweezers and black mascara;
  • palette with shadows;
  • pencil or kayal; a set of brushes;
  • base or light primer;
  • highlighter.

How to choose shadows?

To choose the right palette, you should adhere to the following rules:

  • Buy cosmetics only in trusted stores. This way you will know for sure that you are purchasing a quality product.
  • – Do preliminary tests. To do this, just take a little of the substance from the tester and apply it to your wrist. So you can check how the color will “fit” the skin tone and whether the composition will not cause an allergic reaction.
  • If you have a favorite cosmetic brand, it is better to give preference to it.

The following guidelines apply to tone and texture:

  • Dry pressed or loose pigments are best for smoky ice. They are easy to apply and blend perfectly.
  • Get a single shade if you rarely paint your eyes and you only need shadows for “smoky”. Otherwise, it will be convenient to buy a palette.
  • It is better to select the tone of the pigmented substance depending on the color of the iris: brown – dark brown, lavender, blue; blue – emerald, aqua, dark peach; green – burgundy, pale pink. At the same time, the standard black for “smoky” is ideally combined with any color type.
  • When doing makeup using the Smokey Ice technique, you may also need a soft pencil that lends itself to shading. You can try using cream eyeshadow if the makeup style requires it.

How to choose brushes?

With due attention, you need to approach the selection of tools with which you will paint your eyes. It is best to give preference to brushes with natural bristles. This will allow you to apply cosmetics to the thin sensitive skin of the eyelid as gently as possible.

The rod should be made of plastic or varnished wood. So it will retain its presentation for a long time, despite frequent use and washing. It is best to buy a brush from a trusted store, which gives all guarantees of quality. When working with skin, the most important thing is to have confidence in the safety of cosmetics.

Smoky ice makeup: step-by-step instructions and techniques on how to do it right.

Before proceeding with the design of the eyes, you need to understand some of the subtleties that will help you make the make-up as harmonious and beautiful as possible. Movement There are several types of brushing to achieve the perfect result.

Light claps. In this case, you kind of “drive” the pigment into the skin. It is best to do this with a barrel brush or a spatula. Circular paths. One of the main conditions for a great smokey is good shading. To do this, you need to move as if in a semicircle, smoothly “spreading” the texture over the surface of the eyelid. Precise contours.

If you want to add light arrows to smoky eyes, paint them with a beveled brush and then blend. Also, clear lines are needed to draw the lower eyelashes.

Combinations Classic smoky makeup involves the use of black, but often girls do not disdain other shades from the palette. When adding new pigments to your look, keep an eye on the overall color palette. This rule applies to the entire face design: it is important that the lipstick and tone are appropriate and combined.

Concealer The smoky technique especially requires careful masking of bruises; otherwise, you risk getting ugly dark spots. This effect is also called “panda”. Use a light concealer to avoid it.

Highlighter Shimmering substance will highlight the look, add playfulness and charm to it. Also, the highlight should be applied under the eyebrow. So your make-up will be difficult to distinguish from the work of a professional makeup artist!

How to properly make smoky ice eye makeup step by step with a photo.

The classic make-up using the smoky eyes technique is suitable for girls with any type of face. To complete it, you will need dark eyeshadow and kayal, base, concealer, highlighter and brush.

  • Cleansing. This preparatory stage is standard for every type of make-up and cannot be ignored. Clean skin “absorbs” pigment better. Use a foam or light lotion to wash your face, rub with toner and apply a lightweight layer of moisturizer if needed.
  • Apply a primer to your eyelids. It will provide even application of cosmetics and a long “life” of the make-up.
  • With dark kayal, draw the area of ​​the movable eyelid and the growth line of the lower eyelashes. In the absence of a pencil, this can be done with a black shade from a palette.
  • Blend the borders with a fluffy brush.
  • Use a flat brush to spread black shadows over the eyelid. It is better to do this with “patting” movements, as if driving dry matter into the pores. Feather all the outlines and outlines.
  • Paint over the eyelashes with mascara, shape the eyebrows. Remove cosmetic residue from under your eyes. Use concealer if necessary.
  • Apply some highlighter to the corners to complete the look

Features of smoky ice for eyes of different shapes.

  • Loose eyelid. Color pigment should be applied just above the crease in order to visually “open up” the eye. It is best to use matte shades and combine it with other shade products to create a harmonious gradient.
  • Small size. To prevent this from happening, opt for lighter colors. It can be pink, pale gray, light blue, brown. Do not forget about the highlighter: it is applied under the eyebrow and in the outer corner.
  • Close-set eyes. Darken the area that is closer to the temples, and lighten the space at the bridge of the nose. It is better to choose shadows with a shimmery texture.
  • Planted far away. In this case, it is important to balance all the traits. Add a dark accent in the third eyelid area and use a smooth pastel gradient along the lash line.

Colored smoky.

Black smoky eyes are a classic option, but far from the only one. To make the look fresher and more original, you can opt for brighter pigments. Don’t be afraid to experiment!

These colors will look great on your eyes: Brown.

  • It brings lightness and tenderness to the image, and is also great for everyday wear.
  • Red. A little life hack: matte lipstick will help you make smokey ice. Just draw in the lash lines and then blend well.
  • Blue. A mysterious variation of the “classics” for blue-eyed ladies.
  • Green. Perfect for red-haired girls.

The technique of how to perform Smokey Ice eye makeup in stages will help you diversify your standard look and especially shine at a gala event! Drawing a “haze” is simple, the main thing is not to be afraid to experiment and practice more.

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