skin problems and diseases

Photo-aging of the skin. Sunbeam effect.

  • skin aging caused by UV radiation,
  • premature ageing of the skin,
  • loss of elasticity and development of keratosis of the skin,
  • Ultraviolet light provokes a degenerative process in the skin, as a result of which the skin loses its tone, becomes drier and coarser, wrinkles and age spots appear on it, this is how the skin is protected from excessive sun exposure.

Exposure to sunlight is harmful to the skin, and especially to the skin of the face. As you know, sunburn increases the risk of cancer, under the influence of rays, premature aging of the skin occurs.

No, don’t hide your face from the sun, under the cap. You just need to know what types of rays negatively affect the skin, what products you need to use, and most importantly, how and when.

The sun’s rays are ultraviolet radiation. They come in three types: UVA, UVB, and UVC. But the most dangerous rays are UVA and UVB, as they reach the surface of the skin. UVA rays provoke rapid aging and the early appearance of wrinkles. UVB-leave burns after prolonged exposure to the sun.
There is a huge selection of sunscreens.

But not all creams are able to protect the face from harmful UV rays. Most creams only protect against skin burns, i.e. from UVB rays.

If you use only this type of cream, the skin will not get burned, but it will still continue to age. It is worth paying attention to the cream, which absorbs two types of UV rays. It should also be suitable for the type of skin.

For example, dry skin needs hydration and nutrition. On the advice of cosmetologists, a cream with an SPF-factor of 50 is suitable. For fat-it is better to choose a smaller SPF, for example, 20 with a matting base.
For the face and body, different types of creams should be used.

There are water-resistant creams, i.e. they are able to protect the skin from the sun, while staying in the water. Such sunscreen cosmetics should be applied every forty minutes or every time you finish bathing in the sun.

The higher the SPF factor, the longer the cream will protect the skin. There are special sprays that are applied to the face over makeup, they also protect the skin from the sun.

The most important thing is to always use protective creams and apply them correctly. At least 30 minutes before going outside, you should apply the cream to the exposed areas of the skin, so that it has time to absorb.

It is important to remember that sun protection should be applied after face care. If you plan to use makeup, you should try to spoil the sanskrit layer as little as possible. You need to carefully apply makeup on your face, or use a spray from UV rays, after applying decorative products.

Be sure to wash off the cream in the evening, so that the components of sunscreens and dust do not mix, and do not spoil the skin. You should clean your face with a special gel that is suitable for your skin type and a makeup remover.

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