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Contrary to a fairly common opinion, the daily use of decorative cosmetics does not harm the skin and does not accelerate its aging. Modern makeup products, on the contrary, provide additional care, as they contain nutrients. However, decorative products are safe only if they are used correctly:

They should be applied to clean, prepared skin (after cleansing, toning, moisturizing).
In the evening, make-up must be removed, since if it is left overnight, cosmetics, mixed with sebum and dirt, can clog the pores and provoke the development of inflammation.
The textures of decorative products are selected depending on the type of skin:

For dry, liquid and creamy products are used.
For oily skin, dry powdery products are used – mineral powdery cosmetics are ideal.
Important! Skin care also involves timely washing of makeup brushes. Otherwise, they will accumulate bacteria that will provoke the development of inflammation on the face.


The following rules will help to preserve the beauty and health of the skin:

  • When taking a shower or bath and washing your face, you should not use hot or cold, but warm water: hot leads to the expansion of pores and the development of dryness, and cold – to the narrowing of blood vessels and deterioration of blood microcirculation.
  • Never squeeze out comedones and pimples yourself-so you can bring an infection into the skin and cause the development of scars.
  • Regularly clean devices that come into contact with the skin of the face, such as a smartphone.
  • Change the pillowcases frequently to avoid contamination of the skin during sleep.
  • It is advisable to sleep on your back, on a low pillow – to avoid the appearance of a second chin, folds on the neck.
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No facial care will be effective enough with the wrong lifestyle. Therefore, to achieve maximum results, you must follow the following recommendations:

Give up bad habits. Frequent alcohol consumption negatively affects the blood supply to the skin, which means that its hydration and nutrition suffer. Smoking has the same effect, in addition, tobacco smoke destroys collagen and elastin, which is fraught with the manifestation of premature signs of aging.

Eat right, including a large number of vegetables and fruits in your diet, watching for a sufficient intake of unsaturated Omega-3 fatty acids and limiting the use of fast carbohydrates, sugar (they can accelerate the processes of skin aging). Vegetables and fruits contain antioxidants that slow down aging. These products also improve the complexion, promote hydration and smoothness of the skin. Omega-3 fats, which promote skin elasticity, are found in fatty fish (mackerel, sardines, salmon), walnuts, beef.

Take at least 7-9 hours of sleep a day. Lack of sleep affects the color of the skin – it becomes sallow, and dark circles or bags under the eyes may also occur.
Try to avoid stress. We can’t influence the number of stressful situations in life, but ways to change our response to them. Walking in the fresh air, breathing exercises, yoga and meditation will help you to react more calmly to negative events.
Pay attention to physical activity at least a few days a week. It improves blood circulation, helps to remove toxins, helps to relieve stress.
Of course, the concept of a healthy lifestyle includes timely treatment of any diseases, many of which affect the quality and appearance of the skin. In the presence of alarming symptoms, you should immediately consult a doctor, and it is better to visit him annually for prevention.

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