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Telling you how to properly care for the skin, you can not forget about the importance of peels and scrubs. These are special products designed to exfoliate keratinized cells.

The stratum corneum of the epidermis is regularly renewed. The dead particles should normally leave the face by themselves. However, under adverse environmental impact, and because the disorders of sebaceous glands cells are able to accumulate on the skin’s surface, hindering the penetration of nutrients and preventing Foundation in the basics to go evenly. Therefore, the skin should be regularly “helped” by exfoliating. It is best to do this in the cosmetologist’s office, but if you can not constantly visit it, this process can be carried out at home – with the help of scrubs and acid peels.

The exfoliating procedure is performed once a week. It is not recommended to use scrubs with large abrasive particles – they can leave microtrauma on the skin, which is fraught with infection. The most gentle are considered gommages that do not contain any solid particles at all, but have the necessary effect due to the acid content.

Why does the skin on the face peel off?

Very often, peeling torments in the winter period of time. Of course, such a problem does not pose a health risk. But it causes a lot of inconvenience. To make it easier to get rid of it, you need to understand why the face began to peel off. Often the problem is provoked by such reasons:

  • lack of fluid in the body;
  • weathering, prolonged exposure to the cold;
  • fungi;
  • disorders of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • poor care;
  • lack of necessary vitamins, minerals and other substances necessary for human health.

If you are trying to fix the problem, but it does not disappear, it is worth visiting a doctor, as it may be provoked by some disease. Also, you need to consult a doctor if the skin is peeling in a small child, a newborn. If this happens during pregnancy, you should also tell your doctor about it. Sometimes peeling occurs due to cosmetics that are not suitable for a person. Consider your skin type. If this defect is not caused by pathology, then you should pay attention to the following methods

Recovery of vitamin deficiency

Often peeling occurs against the background of a lack of certain vitamins. In order for the skin to have a healthy appearance, the body should receive the necessary amount of vitamins A, C, and B vitamins are also important. In addition, microelements such as zinc, iron, potassium, calcium and others play an important role.

What to do at home if you notice peeling after the winter? In this case, most likely, your body lacks some vitamins. In this case, vitamin complexes will help. It is better to entrust the choice to the doctor.

What to do when peeling?

Initially, I would like to note that this problem occurs more often in women than in men. The fact is that the fairer sex has thinner skin, they show wrinkles earlier, lack of hyaluronic acid. And this can easily lead to the fact that the skin on the face begins to peel off.

It is recommended to follow these rules if there is peeling:

As mentioned above, taking vitamin complexes can help.
Review your diet, the menu should include vegetables, fruits.
Use face masks that moisturize the skin well.
When you wash your face, do not use hot water, do not use ordinary soap. Various foams for the face are perfect.
Do not forget about daily hydration through the cream. Use it in the morning and in the evening.
If there is peeling, lubricate these places with ointments such as “Solcoseril”, “Bepanten”.
Pay attention to what you remove cosmetics with. It is better to take products for sensitive skin.
Drink plenty of water. Surely many people have already heard that every person needs to drink at least 1.5 liters of water per day. That’s just not everyone uses this amount of liquid.
Very often, compliance with these basic rules helps to get rid of peeling. Pay attention to them. See if you’re doing everything right.

Prohibitions on peeling

If you have flaky skin on your face, you can not:

  • do exfoliation;
  • rub the skin;
  • to use powder;
  • access to the sauna.
  • Do not use aggressive means, as this will only harm and worsen the situation. In addition, many experts advise to use water for washing not from the tap, since the chlorine that it contains has a detrimental effect on the skin surface. That is why you should not often go to the pool. After it, it is necessary to moisten the face. This should be done after washing or showering.

By the way, if the skin flakes off with spots, visit a doctor, as it may be lichen. A dermatologist can help.

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